Welcome to ToastHost!

What is ToastHost?

ToastHost is a service for Toastmasters™ clubs. Originally this was designed purely to support simple club websites, but has been expanded to cover many other aspects such as guest registration, new member signup and renewals management. Improvements and new features are being added as fast as we can.

Who is this for?

ToastHost is for Toastmasters club committees, it is a tool for the committee to help management their club.

What we provide

We provide:
  • Turnkey websites for clubs with no knowledge of tools such as Wordpress or cPanel.
    • Host your club website under myclub.tmclubs.org
    • Host your club website with a custom domain www.myclub.com
  • Online Guest registration
  • Experimental - new member registration and renewals management

To get started

If you are a club officer, simply sign up in the top right and add your club to ToastHost, in a few minutes you can have a functional club website and guestbook.

How much does it cost?

It is free! When we complete our optional membership dues payment platform we will add a small surcharge onto the card processing feed to support our running costs, but that is it.

How to learn more

Check out our ToastHost Documentation to see what you can do and guide you through the setup process and features.

Longer term

Longer term there are many featured we plan to provide:
  • Club officer email addresses e.g. president@myclub.com
  • Social media integrations, manage your entire online presence from one place.
  • Mentoring management
  • Much more, we have lots of idea!

We would love to hear your feedback - if you have any comments or questions Email Us